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A weekly show following the entrepreneurship journeys of two friends.

If you'd enjoy sharing the journey of two friends building businesses, this show is for you. Vernon and Devin found friendship through a shared love of Philadelphia sports. As their friendship evolved and grew over time they began to discuss life, family, food and business.

They both began to look to start a side business in 2020 and realized they were at a similar stage. Over the course of a few text messages and conversations they decided to start a book club to learn along together. Each week, they discuss a few chapters from a book, give updates about steps they've taken in the journey from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur.

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Generally speaking, each episode covers us giving updates about our week, some light sports chatter, and reflections about the book we are reading together. The books are suggested in turn and are most frequently business books. That said, both of us believe that books are a window into wisdom, so we read what we're curious about, and grow our knowledge base together. We both firmly believe that the path to success involves dealing directly with our cultural differences and similarities. We share the view that the path to freedom involves sharing and helping each other, no matter if we're black or white, in tech or brick and mortar, or any other differences. The lessons of being a good person and entrepreneur apply across cultural and socioeconomic divides, and when we apply those lessons together, we're all better off.

This months book

This is Marketing    
Seth Godin

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Episode 25

Jerami Grant Award Winner

Rodney Burgess - Late Bloomer Cinema

Rodney is a soft spoken but hard working video director based in Philadelphia. He has transitioned from chef to entrepreneur with his company Late Bloomer Cinema. We discuss what it takes to go from dreams to goals and how putting in the effort creates the right outcomes, no matter how old you are when you start.

Listen to his story on episode 31

Episode 88 - Part 3 of The Vanishing Half

Part three of The Vanishing Half

The guys discuss how cool it is to watch someone elses process. They appreciate the changes of the podcasting platform they use, fusioncast. Then, they get into The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett.


Our new book The Vanishing Half

Episode 87 - Part 2 of The Vanishing Half

Episode 86 - Part 1 of The Vanishing Half

The guys begin The Vanishing Half

Devin and Vernon get carried away talking Sixers and James Harden for the first 15 minutes of this weeks episode. Then, the get into The Vanishing Half by Brit Bennett.


Our new book The Vanishing Half

Episode 85 - Mini Retrospective

Looking back on our last 13 books

Vernon and Devin prepare for the new book, The Vanishing Half. They reflect on the Superbowl, Dre and how much they've enjoyed the book project.


Our new book The Vanishing Half

Episode 84 - The Alchemist recap


Episode 83 - maktub

episode 83 notes

Episode 82 - Personal Journey

The Alchemist, Part Two (first third or so).

The guys discuss how Vernon is liking his new exercise bike. Also, the check in on the boy, who is in Tangiers selling crystal glassware and tea.


Our new book The Alchemist

Episode 81 - Purpose

The Alchemist, Part One.

Vernon and Devin start their first fiction book. Additionally, they discuss MLK day and what's happening in their businesses.


Our new book The Alchemist

Episode 80 - I looked at my kingdom, I was finally there

Will, the book. Recap.

Vernon and Devin reflect on the book. Will certainly has a story to tell and besides being a fun book to read, they both enjoyed the reflections in the book. Also, we pick a new book!


Our new book The Alchemist

Our current book Will

Episode 79 - Kingdom Keepers Follow Up

Special Episode: Michael Cunningham returns!

We're thrilled to have Mike return and tell us about the work he's put in helping the under served in Philadelphia.


Our current book Will