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Episode 17 - BABIP (Batting Average on balls in play))

Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Episode 17 - BABIP (Batting Average on balls in play))

Back to the check in format Vernon and Devin give updates about the work they've done. Vernon is feeling productive and is soaking up information. Devin is making some headway publishing a new blog post and updating his personal sites branding.


Akimbo podcast - Podcase Episode

Seth Godin - Personal Site

Discrimination and Disparities - Book

Devin's redesigned site - Website

Traction - New Book!

This months book

Building a Storybrand    
Donald Miller

Buy it here
Episode 25

Jerami Grant Award Winner

Rodney Burgess - Late Bloomer Cinema

Rodney is a soft spoken but hard working video director based in Philadelphia. He has transitioned from chef to entrepreneur with his company Late Bloomer Cinema. We discuss what it takes to go from dreams to goals and how putting in the effort creates the right outcomes, no matter how old you are when you start.

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