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Episode 25 - Kingdom Keepers Michael Cunningham

Tuesday, December 22, 2020

Episode 25 - Kingdom Keepers Michael Cunningham

Our Jerami Grant pick of the month, Michael Cunningham

It's our first time having a special guest on our show and it's Philadelphia's own Michael Cunningham. Michael is a husband, father, founder and entrepreneur making a difference in the lives of at risk folks in our community. He and his team have grown Kingdom Keepers, a non profit that gets shoes and food into the hands of folks facing housing insecurity. His Super Bowl is coming up where Kingdom Keepers is expected to impact the lives of over 300 people in the Philadelphia community.

That's not all Michael has done in his process so far. He's moved from the gig economy to creating his on business. Join us this week as he reflects on his story and tells us about how his process of going from wantrepreneur to entrepreneur evolved. Vernon and I are so happy to have had the opportunity to listen to his story and learn from his experience


Michael Cunningham - linkedin

Dumpling Founder (Joel Shapiro) - linkedin

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Episode 25

Jerami Grant Award Winner

Rodney Burgess - Late Bloomer Cinema

Rodney is a soft spoken but hard working video director based in Philadelphia. He has transitioned from chef to entrepreneur with his company Late Bloomer Cinema. We discuss what it takes to go from dreams to goals and how putting in the effort creates the right outcomes, no matter how old you are when you start.

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