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Episode 31 - From Dreams to Goals with Rodney Burgess

Tuesday, February 2, 2021

Episode 31 - From Dreams to Goals with Rodney Burgess

Jerami Grant Award Winner Rodney

We're excited to have Rodney Burgess from Late Bloomer Cinema with us. Join us as we learn about his story and the transition from Chef to Videographer. He walks us through how even though he was a success in the restaurant industry, his hopes and goals sent him in another direction.

"You gotta make your own way. You gotta find a way. You gotta get it done. It's hard. It's tough. That's what I tell my students every day in class. I've been very fortunate. Some people might call me a hardhead, but I'm not going to let other people dictate to me who I should be or the stories I should tell. That doesn't register with me." -- Spike Lee

The chapters for "The Color of Money" this week were 10-12.


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This months book - The Color Of Money

This months book

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Episode 25

Jerami Grant Award Winner

Rodney Burgess - Late Bloomer Cinema

Rodney is a soft spoken but hard working video director based in Philadelphia. He has transitioned from chef to entrepreneur with his company Late Bloomer Cinema. We discuss what it takes to go from dreams to goals and how putting in the effort creates the right outcomes, no matter how old you are when you start.

Listen to his story on episode 31